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Maytag is recalling about 46,000 refrigerators under the Maytag, Magic Chef, Performa by Maytag and Crosley brand names, due to a fire hazard.

Maytag Appliance Repair for a Lifetime of Service

When people thing about the lifespan of a given appliance, they may limit the period to a few years, or even to the specific terms of the warranty with which the appliance is purchased. Many appliances, however, are capable of providing excellent service for many more years than originally indicated when treated to regular and professional repair services. Maytag appliances in particular are well-known for their quality design and construction, and owners may be able to enjoy their Maytag appliance well into the future when they take the time to acquire qualified, personalized Maytag appliance repair. Though many owners are tempted by new features and functionalities offered by the latest appliances on the market, there are a large number of applications for which the simple fact of basic functionality and reliability is more than enough to satisfy the needs of a home or business. Paying special attention to Maytag appliance upkeep allows owners to keep their refrigerator, dryer, washer, microwave oven, range, water filters, and other machines clean and calibrated, and ultimately ready for extended use.

Working with qualified Maytag appliance repair technicians is of great importance in the effort to extend the life of a machine, and Active Appliances has been certified by the manufacturer to provide dependable and knowledgeable service for a wide range of unit types and models. Focused on addressing any outstanding problems an owner may be experiencing with their Maytag appliance while also looking for signs of potential future damage and performance issues, the technicians at Active Appliances are able to keep machines in the best shape possible to help minimize the frustration and expense that owners face.

Though many Maytag appliance parts and Maytag appliance repair outlets may consider themselves to be well qualified for any Maytag-related job, it's important to rely on service workers who have been specially trained to understand and address the specific issues related to the brand and its units. Those companies who have been granted the Maytag certification like Active Appliances are able to find solutions to even the most exotic or unexpected of appliance issues, and can consult on a wide variety of topics from maintaining a unit on one's own to choosing a new model for updating. With a deep knowledge of the Maytag brand both as a whole and in its particular parts and minute components, certified Maytag technicians are able to make any appliance in the home or business of greater value to its owners.

Active Appliances has taken a special interest in Maytag as a result of its long history and its wide appeal among consumers the world over.  In its drive to serve clients with the best parts and repair services available, Active Appliances has chosen to become a certified Maytag partner to ensure that every service call is performed with excellence and precision, allowing appliance owners to get the best and longest use out of their machines no matter the issue at hand. From the smallest of parts replacement jobs to major overhauls and extensive repair work, Active Appliances is able to get machines up and running again –and keeps them in excellent shape with regular visits.

Through taking advantage of quality, experienced Maytag appliance repair services, owners can stop worrying about their units and return to the convenience and enjoyment of working with top-quality machines. Active Appliances offers certified Maytag appliance repair that will turn any appliance problem into an improved performance, making everyday living and working easier and more efficient.