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About 1.6 million similar refrigerators were recalled in March. Maytag, which is now part of Whirlpool Corp., said it has received 23 more reports of refrigerators catching fire. Of those, there were four reports of property or smoke damage.

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There are may household names for appliances that may come to mind when people think about washers, dryers, a refrigerator or range, or other items that have become essential for enjoying the modern way of life. Maytag is likely to come up among the select few who have made a strong and sustained impression on consumers over the years, and the quality of a Maytag appliance has been drawing buyers to the name for over one hundred years. Recently acquired by Whirlpool, Maytag nevertheless remains a strong presence in the field of appliances as scores of households and businesses continue to use Maytag parts for everyday cleaning, cooking, and other essential functions.

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The Maytag company was a major producer primarily of washing machines, which served as the original Maytag products and were the chief items offered by the company for several years. Original washers hailing from the early days of Maytag production have a distinctly antique look and feel that has led some consumers to collect them, though most modern owners highly prefer today's efficient and easy-to-use models. Maytag washers are well-known for their ability to offer a wide range of cycle types and convenient innovations, whether the model is intended for personal home use, large-scale business use, or public use in laundromats. Of course the Maytag company has contributed to the design and manufacture of many other types of appliances, as well, and clients can rely on the same dedication to quality found in Maytag washers in other machines for use around the house and office and in industrial settings.

Maytag has appealed to customers in a wide range of applications and needs due to its positive image and ability to communicate a sense of reliability. Though Maytag appliance parts are often associated with quality, they can, like any other parts, require regular maintenance and care to stay in their best form for optimal use. Because of the widespread adoption of Maytag appliances and the ample availability of related parts, it is usually well within a household or company's reach to find the right Maytag appliance repair answer for addressing any appliance problems that they may have. No matter the type or age of appliance in question, owners can feel more confident about their operation when they take the time to schedule regular maintenance and quickly address any problems that arise with a given unit.

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When used properly and treated with care, a Maytag appliance, from a microwave oven, water filters, a range, a refrigerator, and many units in between can offer many long years of enjoyable and useful performance. From the smallest of Maytag parts to the largest, and with various types of Maytag repair, owners can rely on machines that will last through the decades to help make life easier and more convenient. Whether it's keeping food fresh and well-preserved or taking care of a family's weekly laundry needs, Maytag appliances deliver modern technologies backed by a business culture that focuses on treating owners well with sensible user interfaces and solid quality.

Whatever the task at hand, homeowners and project managers can count on Maytag appliances to deliver excellent service throughout their anticipated years of use, and dedicated, highly trained Maytag appliance repair can easily extend the life and ability of a unit. Comprising the essential machines of homes and businesses across America and throughout the world, Maytag appliances have come a long way from their humble beginnings, and today are recognized as some of the world's best.